Martin didn't vote against the Referendum Bill as he never opposed the British people having their say.  But he passionately disagreed that Brexit was right for this country and still believes our future safety, prosperity, environment and culture would all benefit from continued membership of the European Union.  But even Brexit supporters must now despair of the Conservative government's inept and disunited approach to the EU negotiations which could easily lead to the UK dropping out of the EU in 2019 like a crate of eggs off the back of a moving lorry.

Martin would support the British people having the final say on whatever Brexit deal actually emerges from the negotiations in a final referendum, with the option to vote to remain in after all if Brexit is clearly going to be a complete disaster for the UK.Britain & Europe

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Better broadband for Cheltenham

Cheltenham has undergone a broadband revolution in the last few years.  By 2015 at least 88% of the town able to upgrade to superfast fibre-optic broadband with speeds of 35 Megabits per second (Mbps) or faster.  But it also become clear at the same time that thousands of homes in Cheltenham were going to be left out of this revolution. Gaps were being left between the commercial operators like BT and Virgin and the government-subsidised 'Fastershire' programme being run by the county council. 

Martin testing his broadband in Parliament


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The campaign for Cheltenham A&E

Martin led the campaign to  maintain a full 24 hour A&E at Cheltenham General - one of his many campaigns for local health services - and repeatedly won assurances from Gloucestershire Hospitals Trust that Cheltenham A&E would not close.  Martin believes Cheltenham A&E has been under threat since acute services began to be centralised in Gloucester in 2006 and will keep campaigning against the drip-drip downgrade at Cheltenham.  He was the only local MP and the only Cheltenham politician to present evidence against the decision to downgrade Cheltenham A&E at night in 2013 when the decision was actually taken.  Current MP Alex Chalk - then the Conservative candidate - and Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown both missed the meeting.  You can still sign Martin's petition calling for a rethink of that decision here.


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Fairer society

Liberal Democrats in government locally and nationally have worked hard for fairer society as well as a stronger economy, including tax breaks for those on low pay, delivering the pupil premium now worth a million pounds a year to Cheltenham schools and targeted at the least well-off kids, more free childcare, the first net increase in British social housing in 30 years - and the first new social housing in Cheltenham for decades.

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Protecting animals

Martin was President of Cheltenham & East Gloucestershire RSPCA and a member of the all-pFox arty parliamentary group for animal welfare. 

He has been active in Cheltenham and in parliament promoting the welfare of animals in the UK and abroad.  He opposes repeal of the hunting ban, has called for an end to commercial whaling and successfully supported legislation to ban wild animals in circuses and to introduce universal microchipping of dogs.

He has consistently opposed the Gloucestershire badger cull and supported alternative approaches to keep both badger and cattle populations healthy as advocated by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

In 2009 he was voted Animal Welfare Champion 2009 by his parliamentary colleagues of all parties.  He was nominated by Cheltenham charity Naturewatch.

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A stronger economy - locally and nationally

By 2015, Cheltenham was enjoying its strongest economy in years with a big drop in unemployment, local businesses reporting healthy order books and both businesses and householders still enjoying low interest rates and mortgage payments.  Martin backed both the coalition government and Cheltenham's LibDem-led council in taking the tough decisions necessary to build sustainable prosperity and worked hard to lobby for and promote local business. 

All this is now at risk from the Conservative's suicidal drive towards a hard 'Brexit' which could could see the UK drop out of the world's largest single markest like a crate of eggs out of the back of a lorry.  The Conservatives' initial arrogance and agrressive approach towards the EU negotiations and their chaotic and unco-ordinated approach to Brexit generally is undermining business confidence further.

Watch Martin as our MP back in more cheerful times, promoting Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce's new business centre here:

Martin promoting the Chamber of Commerce business centre


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Better railways

Better public transport is crucial to our economy, our quality of life and our battle against climate chCheltenham Spa ange. Throughout his ten years as our MP, Martin successfully campaigned to protect local rail services and to win new investment in track and station so that the nearly two million passenger journeys that now start at Cheltenham Spa each year can be quicker and more convenient for personal, business and tourist travel.

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Stopping climate change

Small planetMartin has campaigned tirelessly at local and national level for tougher action to stop climate change – and for smart planning for the inevitable effects of climate change too.  As MP, he was a member of the Aldersgate Group which brings together leading MPs, businesses and green organisations committed to fighting climate change and is on the advisory board of the Energy & Climate Change Information Unit which actively promotes accurate and accessible facts about climate change in the UK media.

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Action on flooding

Based on the experience of 600 flooded properties in Cheltenham in the summer of 2007, Martin strongly suFlooding in Hester's Waypported a new national deal on flood insurance and responsibility for drainage and extensive government-funded flood defence work in Cheltenham and elsewhere, but also a more sustainable approach to naturally holding water in the landscape, for instance by extensive tree-planting and landscape management.

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Fighting local crime

Martin strongly defended a well-funded local police force, called for smart sentencing and innovative approaches like restorative justice to cut re-offending and involve victims more in the justice process.

There were more than 7,000 recorded crimes in Cheltenham in Martin's last full year as an MP - still far too many but more than 27% less than in 2010.  Domestic burglary, drug offences, bicycle theft, public order offences, possession of weapons offences and vehicle offences were all sharply lower then in Cheltenham than they were in 2010.  This is a tribute to Cheltenham people including Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, to Gloucestershire Constabulary's effective community policing and preventive work and to innovative projects like the Aston Project and the Halt project who have worked to reduce the risk of offending amongst young people.

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