Campaigning suspended

In the light of the horrific events in Manchester, the Liberal Democrat general election campaign in Cheltenham is suspended.

If you have leaflet deliveries with you already or canvassing planned, please wait for the campaign to be resumed. Can everyone also please use social media appropriately. I know everyone's thoughts, in all parties and none, of all faiths and none, will be with the victims, their families, their friends and the emergency services who are coping with the aftermath of this awful event. I wish the police and our own intelligence services at GCHQ and elsewhere well and give them our thanks for their constant struggle to save lives and prevent many more atrocities like these and track down and bring to justice anyone involved and still at large. How someone can attack innocent children and young people who were just enjoying music and friendship is beyond comprehension but this is the moment to show our solidarity, our humanity and our courage in the face of evil.  Martin 

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