Keep Safe Gloucestershire

16 Hewlett Road Cheltenham is a registered Safe Place


If you are registered with the scheme and in need of assistance, you are welcome to drop in to the office in Hewlett Road. The office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

To register for the scheme or for more information visit


The Keep Safe Scheme in Gloucestershire was set up in July 2010 to support people with learning disabilities in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean.

In September 2013 The Police and Crime Commissioner in Gloucestershire commissioned Memory Clubs UK – a community interest company – to develop and expand the Keep Safe Scheme to offer support for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism and dementia, county wide across Gloucestershire.

How the scheme works

All adults are welcome to register as a member of the Keep Safe Scheme, which identifies safe places where assistance can be sought when required. Members nominate two people as emergency contacts and carry a Keep Safe membership card bearing the contact numbers.

If a member should need help while they are away from their home environment they have only to look for the Keep Safe logo in the windows of shops and businesses that have signed up to the Scheme. Staff in the shops provide assistance by telephoning the contact numbers shown on the person’s Keep Safe card. Businesses that register to be a Safe Place receive appropriate training for their staff in disability awareness, dementia awareness and communication skills.

If you or someone you care for or know would like to join the 'Keep Safe' scheme, or if you are a member of a business or other organisation who would like to become involved, please click on the links to find out more.