The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are the UK political party that campaigns against poverty, ignorance and conformity and for opennes, tolerance and international co-operation.

Locally, Cheltenham Liberal Democrats are the majority party on Cheltenham Borough Council, where they have fought for more investment and jobs, pushed recycling to record levels and worked for all the communities across the town.

Nationally the party is led by former Business Secretary Sir Vince Cable.  The party was in coalition government for five years from 2010 until 2015, delivering on promises to reduce the deficit, take everyone earning £10,000 or less out of income tax and introduce the pupuil premium which is now giving a million pounds a year to Cheltenham schools to help the least well-off children.  You can visit the national party's website here

The Liberal Democrat youth organisation is the Young Liberals. The organisation has always played an important part in the party's policymaking and campaigning. There is an active branch in Cheltenham which plays a key part in local campaigns.

The party's history dates back to the 1850s and beyond, when liberals fought for democratic reform and against aristocratic privilege. You can read more about the party's history here.  In 1988 the modern Liberal Democrat party was created from the merger of two earlier parties and promised to champion a free, fair and open society, and to combat ignorance, poverty and conformity.

We’re an international party too, part of the Alliance of Liberals & Democrats in Europe which fights for reform and democracy in the European Union. We have 57 member parties all over Europe and 50 seats in the European Parliament.  Even if Brexit takes place, we plan to remain fully participating members of the European liberal family.

The worldwide Liberal International has more than 50 member parties from five continents - some of them still bravely fighting to establish democracy in their own countries as Liberals helped to do here all those years ago.