Martin Horwood demands absolute clarity from Prime Minister on TTIP

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood has today asked the Prime Minister to make it totally clear that our NHS will be exempted from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty (TTIP). 

Questioning Cameron during a statement on the European Council this afternoon, Martin said, “Can I ask (the Prime Minister) if he agrees that the UK should never sign a treaty which undermines the NHS?”

In response the Cameron accused “NGOs of raising entirely false fears” about TTIP, but did go on to categorically state that there was “no way that TTIP can undermine any of our NHS.”

Speaking after the statement, Martin said, “I think it’s totally unjust for David Cameron to accuse charities and NGOs of “scaremongering” when it comes to legitimate concerns about the future of our NHS. The Liberal Democrats are supportive of the general premise of TTIP, and excited about the potential it has for jobs and investment here in the UK. However, this excitement will not get in the way of constant scrutiny and oversight when it comes to negotiating the treaty.”

“I’m was pleased to hear the Prime Minister confirm that the NHS is not at risk of being undermined by TTIP. Many of my Cheltenham constituents have written, emailed and tweeted me on this subject, and they all deserve absolute clarity on this issue.”

Once the wording on TTIP is agreed it will require ratification by all EU member states, and by the US Congress. The negotiations are expected to take at least 2 years. 

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