Martin Horwood was Cheltenham's Member of Parliament between 2005 and 2015 when the seat was won by the Conservatives.  The MP for Cheltenham represents most – but not all – of Cheltenham borough.  The new Conservative MP's contact details are:

Alex Chalk MP (Conservative)
Regent Court
Gloucester Business Park
Gloucester GL3 4AD

01452 371 630

You can also contact Max Wilkinson, the Lib Dems' new parliamentary canddiate for the town, using the contact details below:

Councillor Max Wilkinson
16 Hewlett Road 
Gloucestershire GL52 6AA

01242 224889

Because parliamentary constituencies all have to be roughly the same size they don’t always include the whole of larger towns or boroughs.  The parishes of Prestbury and Swindon Village are in Cheltenham borough but not in the Cheltenham constituency.  They fall instead into Tewkesbury constituency, represented by Conservative Laurence Robertson, also based at Gloucester Business Park.

Until Brexit, Cheltenham is also represented by our elected Members of the European Parliament and forms part of the South West England constituency.

Young people in the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury constituency aged 11 to 18 can also vote for their local Member of the UK Youth Parliament, or MYP, although there is no current MYP for Cheltenham.