MP's expenses

The expenses paid to MPs to enaCutout from the Echo with the headline \ble them to do their jobs became very controversial after many abuses of the system were revealed in the media in 2009.  Since then a whole new system has been established under the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).  IPSA has also taken over responsibility for MPs' pay so they don't now vote on it themselves.

From the start, Martin supported the freedom of information campaign that led to the expenses revelations. He appeared on Channel Four’s Dispatches programme as early as 2007 calling for reform of the system and always voted against keeping the details of expenses secret.  Martin’s support for cleaning up the system was acknowledged in national and local media.

When he was MP for Cheltenham, Martin was told by independent auditor Sir Thomas Legg that he had nothing to repay and no questions to answer about his expenses.

Below are the details of Martin's expenses during his last five years as our MP. In reality, MPs' 'expenses' are now largely working office budgets and travel expenses.  Martin did not claim for private car mileage unless travel by public transport was completely impossible and he did not claim the daily allowance for food when this was available.  Overnight accommodation in London means either hotel rooms or room rental - Martin never claimed for a private mortgage, even when this was allowed under the rules.

  2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Staffing (usually four Cheltenham constituency staff and one researcher in London) £114,297 £130,651 £140,205 £144,449 £15,261
Office costs (Cheltenham and London) £12,832 £20,230 £21,406 £23,013 £1,125
Overnight accommodation in London £19,770 £19,734 £16,452 £16,489 £672
Train travel between Cheltenham and London £4,746 £4,533 £7,040 £6,431 £436
Winding up London & Cheltenham offices & miscellaneous expenses after 2015 election          £65,436
Total £151,645 £175,148 £185,102 £190,382 £82,929