Cheltenham MP joins campaigners to call for UK leadership to end AIDS

Martin Horwood this week joined UK, international and student activists at a STOPAIDS parliamentary event to mark World AIDS Day on 1 December.


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Cheltenham MP takes local workers’ fair redundancy fight to the top

The on-going campaign to get a fair deal for the hundred local workers who will lose their jobs due to the closure of Vibixa in Cheltenham by owners Weetabix was today taken to Westminster by Martin Horwood MP.


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Flood insurance - more action needed says Martin Horwood

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood is calling for action on the availability and affordability of flood insurance.


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Stopping climate change

Small planetMartin has campaigned tirelessly at local and national level for tougher action to stop climate change – and for smart planning for the inevitable effects of climate change too.  As MP, he was a member of the Aldersgate Group which brings together leading MPs, businesses and green organisations committed to fighting climate change and is on the advisory board of the Energy & Climate Change Information Unit which actively promotes accurate and accessible facts about climate change in the UK media.

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Action on flooding

Based on the experience of 600 flooded properties in Cheltenham in the summer of 2007, Martin strongly suFlooding in Hester's Waypported a new national deal on flood insurance and responsibility for drainage and extensive government-funded flood defence work in Cheltenham and elsewhere, but also a more sustainable approach to naturally holding water in the landscape, for instance by extensive tree-planting and landscape management.

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