Saving the Countryside

Green land around Cheltenham


Martin has never believed that the best way to help the homeless or make homes affordable was to build all over the countryside. So he has always strongly supported campaigns to protect treasured green spaces around Cheltenham

In opposition he developed a policy for the Liberal Democrats which was then implemented by the coalition government as the Local Green Space designation.  It provides protection for local green spaces not for their landscape value or scientific importance but simply because they are important to local people - providing free recreation and quiet enjoyment, growing local food, improving physical and mental health and absorbing both CO2 and dangerous particulate pollution.

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Martin Horwood delighted at decision to reject development of Leckhampton green fields

Cheltenham borough councillors on the planning committee united on 31 July to throw out an application for 650 new houses and a commercial development on the treasured green land at Leckhampton between the Shurdington Road and Church Lane.


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Martin joins Cheltenham Animal Shelter for Staffie Campaign Launch

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Martin Horwood's A&E Campaign

Over a three thousand people have signed Martin Horwood’s petition urging the local NHS to rethink their decision to close Cheltenham’s Accident and Emergency Department to ambulance admissions at night.


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