Local Tories think Alex Chalk may be 'at risk'

Originally published 26 April 2017.

Sources within Cheltenham's own Conservative Party believe that incumbent MP Alex Chalk may at risk of losing the seat to former Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood in the general election on 8 June, according to the Conservative website conservativehome.com.

The website's analysis of battleground seats in the southwest (see story here) says:

"Alex Chalk captured this with an 11-point swing to secure a majority over the Lib Dems of over 6,500, but local sources suggest this pro-Remain town may be at risk. Not only do they have an overwhelming majority on Cheltenham Council but Martin Horwood, the former MP, is their candidate again. Whilst UKIP got just over 3,800 voters in 2015 there are plenty of Labour (3,902) and Green (2,689) to reinforce Horwood. Electoral Calculus give Chalk an almost four-in-five chance of hanging on, but that may be underestimating a concentration of Lib Dem strength in this seat."

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Lib Dems: No coalition deal with Labour OR the Tories

Originally published 23 April 2017.

Local Liberal Liberal Democrats have strongly welcomed Tim Farron's declaration today that the Liberal Democrats will make no coalition deal with either Labour or the Conservatives after this election.  He told the Observer today:  “There is no way we can countenance any kind of arrangement or coalition with the Conservative party and likewise with the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn.  He accepted hard Brexit, he voted for it. He enabled it. It has put us in the situation we are now in.”

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Election is chance to stop Hard Brexit, save NHS and invest in schools

Originally published 18 April 2017.

The General Election is a chance for voters in Cheltenham to stop 'hard' Brexit, save the NHS and invest in schools

People in Cheltenham should vote for the Liberal Democrats to prevent a hard Brexit and protect the local NHS and local schools, the party’s candidate and former Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood has said today.

The Prime Minister today [Tuesday] called a snap General Election to be held on 8 June, breaking her repeated promises not to do so.

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Rate of EU staff leaving Glos NHS has doubled

Originally published 13 March 2017

68 EU nurses, doctors and other staff nurses quit Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2016

The Liberal Democrats have called for an “NHS Passport” to secure the rights of EU nationals working in the NHS, as figures have revealed a sharp rise in staff from the EU in Gloucestershire quitting the health service.

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Former MP pledges he won't take second job if re-elected

Originally published 22 March 2017.

Former Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood has signed the national petition calling on the Conservative MP for Tatton, former Chancellor George Osborne, to resign following his appointment as editor of the London Evening Standard. 

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