Past MPs

Cheltenham gained its own parliamentary representative in the Great Reform Act of 1832. 

Before 1832, Cheltenham was represented by MPs representing the whole county of Gloucestershire, dating back to the 13th century knights of the shire.

Since then, the town has elected 19 people as its Member of Parliament.  So far, it has been represented by nine Liberals (or ‘Whigs’ in the early days and today Liberal Democrats), nine Conservatives (occasionally called Unionists) and one independent. Liberal Democrat Martin Horwood has been Cheltenham's MP since 2005 and he has researched his predecessors extensively but always welcomes new material and information.

Martin's 18 predecessors were:

  1. The Honourable Craven Berkeley (Whig) 1832-47, 1848, 1852-55
  2. Sir Willoughby Jones (Conservative)  1847-48
  3. Grenville Berkeley (Whig)  1848-52, 1855-56
  4. Colonel Francis Berkeley (Whig/Liberal)  1856-65
  5. Charles Schreiber (Conservative)   1865-68
  6. Henry Samuelson (Liberal)   1868-74
  7. James Agg-Gardner  (Conservative/Unionist) 1874-80, 1885-95, 1900-06,  1911-1928
  8. Baron de Ferrières (Liberal)  1880-85  
  9. Colonel FS Russell (Unionist/Conservative) 1895-1900
  10. John Sears  (Liberal)  1906-10
  11. Vere Ponsonby, Lord Duncannon  (Unionist/Conservative) 1910
  12. Richard Mathias (Liberal) 1910-11
  13. Sir Walter Preston (Conservative) 1928-37
  14. Daniel Lipson (independent) 1937-50
  15. Major Bill Hicks Beach (Conservative) 1950-64
  16. Douglas Dodds-Parker (Conservative) 1964-74
  17. Charles Irving (Conservative)  1974-92
  18. Nigel Jones (Liberal Democrat)  1992-2005
Keep Safe Gloucestershire

Keep Safe Gloucestershire

16 Hewlett Road Cheltenham is a registered Safe Place

Better broadband for Cheltenham

Better broadband for Cheltenham

Martin has lobbied BT, Virgin, 'Fastershire' and government ministers, up to an including the Prime Minister on this issue and won't rest until we have 100% availability of superfast broadband in Cheltenham.

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