Stopping climate change

Small planetMartin has campaigned tirelessly at local and national level for tougher action to stop climate change – and for smart planning for the inevitable effects of climate change too.  He is a a member of the Aldersgate Group which brings together leading MPs, businesses and green organisations committed to fighting climate change and is on the advisory board of the Energy & Climate Change Information Unit which actively promotes accurate and accessible facts about climate change in the UK media.

He campaigned hard for climate change to be prominent in the Lib Dem election manifesto and is delighted that - despite some Conservatives trying to put the brakes on green policies - LibDems in the coalition programme have:

  • achieved the biggest carbon dioxide reduction on record for a growing UK economy
  • launched the world's first Green Investment Bank
  • locked investment in low-carbon energy into UK energy markets through the Energy Act
  • created 200,000 green jobs
  • planted a million trees
  • more than doubled renewable energy generation in the UK with solar energy generation going up 60% just in the last year

Martin consistently speaks out for tougher action both to stop making climate change worse by reducing greenhouse gases but also adapting to the now inevitable impacts of climate change, including at the 2014 LibDem conference - you can watch Martin's speech here.Speaking out on climate change

From 2006 until 2010 Martin was his party’s shadow environment minister, part of the front bench team that amended the Climate Change Bill in 2008 to increase the reduction target for UK emissions by 2050 from 60% to the 80% all serious scientific opinion believed was necessary. 

He also helped to develop Liberal Democrat policies on achieving a Zero Carbon Britain and on protecting the natural environment - which the party has followed up with a pledge to pass five green laws in the next parliament covering issues from access to green space to zero waste to green transport and green planning.

He has called for higher standards of energy efficiency and reduction in energy use, as well as championing huge expansion of renewable energy at international, national, community and household level. He opposed the new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, supported a moratorium on fracking and has spoken out in parliament in favour of more wind, tidal, solar and other renewable forms of energy.

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