Grand political banquets

Carles Schreiber's banquet 1859


The unsuccessful Conservative candidate in the 1859 election Charles Schreiber was guest of honour at a banquet for more than a thousand of his supporters in front of Pittville Pump Room.  Schreiber won the next election in 1865 and represented Cheltenham until 1868.  This print, which appears courtesy of Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, shows several Tory political banners including ‘Purity of Election’, ‘Queen Lords Commons', ‘Schreiber Friend of All Classes’, ‘Church and State’ and ‘Peace and Plenty’’. 


The Berkeley Banquet 1841


The Berkeley Banquet was held at the Pittville Pump Room on 8 July 1841 in honour of the Liberal MP for Cheltenham, the Hon. Craven Berkeley, after his return to Parliament at the 1841 election. It was attended by 1200 of his supporters.  The print was distributed free to readers of the Cheltenham Examiner. A limited number of proof impressions were also made available at 2 shillings and sixpence each.


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