Visits to school

Martin is always happy to visit schools in Cheltenham and is involved in their work in a variety of ways.  Some of these are listed below but if you have a new idea, do get in touch with the Cheltenham LibDem office on 01242 224889.

Promoting art in Rowanfield


As an MP Martin visited many school classes at both primary and secondary level about political ideas, Parliament or his work as an MP and about specific topics such as global warming. Talks included audio-visual presentations on request.  

Information and literature is also available for both primary and secondary schools from the Parliamentary Education Service and online at  Contact the Education Service direct on 020 7219 4496.

Martin at Charlton Kings School
Martin raising the eco-schools standard in Charlton Kings

School events

Martin often took time out to coach local school teams in debating competitions, be the guest chair of school councils, drawn raffles, speak at careers sessions, help fundraising events, take part in Question Times, present prizes and speek at morning assemblies and in classes about everything from House of Lords reform to global warming.  

Student representatives
Martin regularly meet school councils and Cheltenham’s Members of the UK Youth Parliament to discuss issues of concern to them.  He also actively promoted and encouraged participation in elections to the UK Youth Parliament (

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